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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Movies to watch

Bombay has become Mumbai. With this and many other changes in the past two decades the population has grown to around 13 million. The directorial duo Krishna DK and Raj Nidimoru use the city as their canvas to present the viewer three layers of a modern society in the city of Mumbai. Three intertwined stories from the wealthy upper class, middle class, and poor lower class. We follow them through the bustling metropolis as one by one they inevitably get lost in the noise.

director Mark Hartley set out to take audiences on a guided tour of the wild world of Australian exploitation film in Not Quite Hollywood. The result was not just a wildly good time.  Also made Machete Maidens Unleashed about Phillipine explotation movies.

An asian movie called Starfish Hotel with a giant evil dirty rabbit  amidst a bustling queue.
GANTZ live action 2 parter (and anime series), Ghost in the Shell _Solid State Society (and 2 seasons of SAC), Storm WArriors (2010 sequel) and Storm Riders animated movie & tv show,

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