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Sunday, December 5, 2010

China - N Korea ties

Wang could not detect any scars on [Kim Jong-il's] head after his widely reported surgery after suffering a stroke," read the despatch.
With a failing economy, North Korea seems keen to attract as much Chinese aid as possible.
One report says Kim Jong-il - described by one Chinese official as a man who likes a drink - visited China earlier this year to get more economic assistance.
The country also wants as much Chinese investment as possible.

Another document, sent from the US consulate in Shenyang earlier this year, says some North Korean officials are selling mining and fishing rights to Chinese businesses in exchange for funds for construction projects.
It goes on to say that this arrangement sometimes allows the children of high-ranking officials in both countries to "hijack the most favourable investment and aid deals for their own enrichment".

n that despatch Mr Chun reportedly says some Chinese officials were willing to "face the new reality" that North Korea was of little value to China as a buffer state. ( i hardly think they would not want it as a buffer)

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