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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Spaghetti Western - Little Princes & the Big test

30 million lonely men by 2020 

coupled with the frustration of being saddled by not running the Big Test gauntlet into a great college and coming out the other side with no white collar jobs available or many other for that matter is going to leave millions of devilishly frustrated idle hands ready for an overthrow of the global status quo.

For these millions of students in China, the annual ‘gao kao’ (Big Test), which this year will take place for three days from June 7, is the ultimate life-defining make-or-break moment. Top performers, who are feted like celebrities in the media, can waltz into China’s premier universities, including Beida (Peking University) and Tsinghua University, and secure a passport to the good life.

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