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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


"Kota" by Bonobo - Track is similar to good Samurai Champloo keys & drums

"Oy Como Va (Lazy Boy Remix Instrumental)" by Kinky - Latin classic gone electronica

"South London Burrough" by Burial - spectral, ghostly echo night shit going down

"CWCIII" by Richard Devine &; Telefon Tel Aviv - nanobots and hoverdrones are being built

"1st and 4th" by Mux Mool - The armies are amassing for the World Wide War.

"Exodus" by Charles Trees - Somebodys going to get the piss beat out them.

II B.S. (RZA's Mingus Bounce Mix) by RZA, Charles Mingus 
 back alley strutting

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