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Friday, March 12, 2010

Spaghetti Western tunes

 "At The End Of The Day" by Amon Tobin

Down by Brian Jonestown Massacre : Trying to flee the inescapable Muerta.

Computer World by Kraftwerk: Some hackin job.

Love in the Cemetery by Lord Kitchener : Sunny summer chase in Jamaica.
Valet by Nora Dean; Woman a Love in the Night Time by Lord Spoon; Do Re Mi by Mighty Vikings; ( All from Trojan Calypso Box Set)

(Trojan MOD reggae box set) "Ali Baba" by John Holt: for Arabian Adventure, Mon;
"Gun Man coming to Town" by Heptones;
"Fat Man" by Derrick Morgan;

(Trojan SKA box set) "007 (ShantyTown) by Desmond Dekker: Espionage in the slums;
"Want Me Cock" by Owen & Leon Silveras: sexin on the beach;
"One Eyed Giant" by Baba Brooks & his Band: battle with a Colossal Cyclops in the tropics;
"Blam blam Fever" by the Valentines

Music From Bolivia
by Nina Dimitri, Julio Lavayén Frias, Martin Schaefer & Marco Zappa
the whole album is reminiscent of Rebekkah Del Rio

(Bossa Nova 2CD on Azzurra records)

"Don't Play with my Heart" by Beres Hammond (Rocksteady)

(Trojan instrumentals) "Tons of Gold" by Val Bennett: great horns for stealing bricks of gold out a hi tech vault.

(The Roots of Chicha - Psychedelic chicha of peru on Barbes Records)

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