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Wednesday, March 31, 2010



Cyborg Insects Take Flight

DARPA is funding a good deal of cyborg insect research for surveillance purposes.  DARPA’s goal is to create cyborg insects that can fly at least 100 meters from their controller and land within 5 meters of a target, then stay put until commanded to leave.

Free Flying Cyborg Beetles

"Creating cybernetic insect spies and rescuers involves implanting electrodes into beetles while they are still pupae. As the beetle matures, their capacity to carry electronics on their head increases, but it’s quite a battle to get devices small enough to be carried by the bugs. Batteries are heavy, and the beetles still haven’t been saddled with GPS trackers, cameras, microphones, or any of the various gizmos a spy might require."  Is the same possible of humans?

"Still, it’s pretty cool that electric pulses applied to vague areas of beetle brains can essentially turn them into insect-sized beasts of burden. The next course of action should be to see if the Berkeley team can get their wireless flying bugs to navigate an obstacle course reliably."  Pretty fucked up.

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